Grades are coming in now. I snagged an A- in the one class I was at all worried about (and I’ll willingly admit that, for me, “worried” mostly means “I am concerned that I might get a B”).

Early on, I was actually very worried about the class in question (my math class) — worried enough that I seriously thought about dropping it. Denis and I talked about the difficulties I was having — for the most part, they consisted in transposing numbers and signs when copying problems down, and then again when working the problems — and came up with some creative solutions. I stuck it out, rather enjoyed the class, and now I’m really glad I didn’t drop it.

It’s cool to know that it’s possible to find solutions for learning difficulties that have plagued me for my entire academic career (imagine being a first-grader, forced to copy basically all your work down from the board up front, when you have the working memory of a pygmy shrew and tend to transpose everything all the time: misery, people: misery). It’s cool to feel like maybe I’ll make it through my undergraduate university career without having to resort to medication (this isn’t to say that I think medication is always bad or that taking it means you’re weak or something: indeed, Ritalin has worked brilliantly for me in the past from an academic standpoint, but it tends to exacerbate my insomnia and render me an even colder fish than I already am).

In other news, it’s Derby Day here in Louisville, and since I live only a scant two or three miles from the track, that means traffic will be insane all day and the roads will be rerouted in desperately inconvenient fashions. I want to get out on the bike, but I’m really debating whether it’s A) worth it (really, people drive like idiots on Derby Day) and B) for all that, possible (I may not be able to go much of anywhere if I do saddle up and head out).

I rode only briefly yesterday, slept well, woke up around six, stayed awake for a bit, and decided to go back to sleep. I’m no longer worried about being able to successfully shift my sleep schedule so I can haul myself out of bed early for school. I think I’m going to start with 6 AM, see how traffic looks if I head out at 6:30, and go from there. I’d like to ride all the way up to school every morning, if I can, but it’ll depend on how traffic looks in New Albany (where I’ll be during Rush Hour). If that doesn’t work, I’ll at least ride to downtown and take the bus, and then I’ll ride all the way home whenever possible.

I’m very much looking forward to summer commuting adventures, especially now that I’m actually starting to feel fit again. It’s still tough to accept that, for me, fitness ebbs and flows as a function of how my lungs are doing. I’m hoping that they’ll hold up over the summer, but we’ll see.

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Me in a nutshell: Blissfully married, ballet-and-bicyle-obsessed gay intersexed boy. Half-baked dancer. Mediocre gravel racer. Learning to live with bipolar disorder. Indiana University Southeast psychology senior (go Grenadiers!). Proto-foodie, but lazy about it. Cat owner ... or, should I say, cat own-ee? ... dog lover. Equestrian.

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