A Farewell to Almanzo*; Your Humble Blogger Turns 100**

*For this year, anyway.
**No, not in years. Or even in dog years, because that’s like 14.7 if you go by one dog year = seven human years, and I turned fourteen ages ago.

So it would appear that I won’t be racing (or otherwise participating in) the Almanzo 100 this year, after all. Don’t worry, though — I haven’t done anything silly, like wrapping my bike around a tree or being stomped on by elephants. We are just keeping our belts extra-tight because changes to the way Medicare/Medicaid pays its clients back in December meant changes to the way Denis’ agencies get paid for their clients’ physical therapy so they, in turn, can pay him — resulting in rather a backlog on the getting-paid front. In short, Denis doesn’t want to take the two days off the race would require with our next quarterly tax payment coming on fast.

He did, very sweetly, offer to let me go with my friend and teammate, Timothy. However, Almanzo is the day before our first wedding anniversary, and while bikes are super-important to me and racing is marginally important (okay, so it’s more important than I’m willing to admit; making the right choice on this decision wasn’t hard, but living with it hasn’t been terribly easy), my husband is way, way more important than either of them: so, though I admit it was difficult to do so, I declined that offer.

I’ve known for some time that this might be the case, but sort-of hoped against hope that a miracle would occur and we’d be able to go after all. Maybe being able to be home on our anniversary is the miracle, though. As soon as I finally bit the bullet and decided against trying to race, catch-up paychecks started arriving. I’m still not assuming we’re going to make the race, though, because at this point the logistics would be, um, challenging.

For what it’s worth, this might all be for the best. This summer’s classes are going to be intense. I have an annotated bibliography due on Tuesday and an CogPsych exam on Thursday (I am loving Cognitive Psych, by the way), and then it’s right into the teeth of a review-of-the-literature and Exam 2. I find that I rather enjoy working under this kind of pressure, though I wouldn’t want to do it all the time.

Meanwhile, in other news, I turned 100 today: that is, 100 hours in the saddle for 2013.

Mostly what this means is that the Tricross is due for a full tuneup, but it will probably have to wait ’til next Friday. I can’t afford to take it off the road before then, because I don’t have a backup bike that will carry my school stuff. I’m not feeling 17 miles in road cleats on the road bike with a backpack just now, and as much as I love the Folding Fuji for its relaxed, cushy ride, I would not like to take 2 hours getting to school. 1 hour 15ish, including stoplights, is plenty.

After discovering that my Mavic wheel may not be (indeed, very likely isn’t) the culprit in my repeated-flat problem (I suspect the tire, since I swapped wheels, flatted with a hole in precisely the same location, and discovered a corresponding bad spot in the tire bead), I swapped the rear 23mm Gatorskin to the front and popped my 25mm Gatorskin on the rear. That way I don’t have to buy a tire right away. I’m hoping to get it out on the road tomorrow and give it a test ride in Iroquois Park.

Today I racked up about 25 miles, laid down one third-best on a sprint segment, and generally felt decently strong and fit. I’m finally getting back on form after a rough Spring. Not quite there, yet, but good enough to lay down 23 MPH on a flat sprint (not the sprint segment in question — that one’s actually uphill much of the way, and I caught a nasty headwind at the wrong moment, so I finished out at 17. MPH).

It’s tough walking away from a race when you’re feeling like I’m feeling right now, but it’s okay. There will be another Almanzo next year. Denis and I will never have another first anniversary, so I plan on making it count.

And now I’m off to Make Something Happen around the house. Probably laundry, because I am feeling too spunky for anything that involves just sitting around.

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