Though I slept very badly last night, I did get my interval workout in today.

As I headed out, I noticed clouds gathering overhead. After a quick lunch stop, the clouds had grown darker, so I made an executive decision to forego the Algonquin Ave route where I normally do intervals and roll in Iroquois Park instead. The rolling loop road around the bottom of the park is perfect for putting in some mild climbing intervals as well as some flat sprinting ones.

The ride from lunch to the Iroquois Park entrance provided a nice re-warm-up; by the time I hit the loop road, I was ready to go. I hit the first few intervals hard, including a solid climbing hammerfest on the back side of the park.

The Fearsome Fuji felt awesome flying around those curves — that bike is in its element when you ride it fast and hard. My first lap averaged 16 MPH; not bad, considering that the road conditions generally demand some backing off here and there. I also scored a personal second-best on Strava’s Iroquois 2 Hills segment.

However, as I came around to the turnoff for the Iroquois Hill climb (which I had opted not to do because of the potential for a downpour), the floodgates in the sky opened up, and down came the torrents.

With visibility seriously reduced and the road suddenly wet and slick, I was force to dial my speed way back. I completed my second lap at an average of 13 MPH, though it felt much slower than that. Three-quarters of the way around, the sun came out again, shining through the rain. That was cool.

I paused to wipe my glasses*, then headed off to complete my interval workout on flatter ground. The net result was a completed interval workout coupled with a PR on a sprint segment (though I’m still less than halfway up that leaderboard, as one might expect). By then, though, I was soaking wet and quite chilly, so I decided to head home.

16.8 miles for the day, bringing this week’s total up to 25.4 miles (and a wee 2 hours on the bike).

In other news, I decided to try out my heart rate monitor, but didn’t realize ’til I got home that my new Garmin had sneakily paired itself with someone else’s HRM on Saturday! Thus, I retrieved no HRM data for today’s interval workout, though I do have someone else’s average of 135 BPM for about 90 seconds from the 29th of June. Silly Garmin!

Anyway, my HRM is now successfully re-paired with my HRM, so next time I’m out we should see how that works. For what it’s worth, Garmin’s premium soft strap is quite comfortable. I do think I’ll cart it along on Thursday’s century.

I also plan to get off me lazy bum and install the cadence meter thingy tomorrow (as well as a shorter stem, maybe). It will be interesting to see what that data looks like, as I haven’t had a look at my cadence in quite some while.

That’s it for now. Long slow distance tomorrow; a little earlier in the day and a little longer, I hope. I must remember to bring my cap, as it has been quite rainy of late.

Keep the rubber side down!

*Shoutout to Nashbar, once again, for their awesome photochromic lenses, which darkened right up again when the sun came back out!

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