I Have To Do Something About This

So I have noticed that, once I hop online to check out G+ in the morning, my day is essentially over.

I’m not saying I don’t love Google Plus.  I do.  It is a great way for grumpy asocial types like myself to enjoy a satisfying social life without, you know, all the demands of a social life, like actually having to see people and converse audibly (yes, I am poking fun at myself, here).


Look! Proof that I have, at least once in my life, left my house in a context that did not involve bicycles and interacted with people who were not wearing lycra or helmets!

What I’m saying is that there are moments that I want to type in all caps:


…At least for ten minutes so I can, you know, go get the mail from the mailbox (five meters from where I’m sitting)?


I’ve realized that this means exactly one thing: even though I claim I’m “writing” (which, as a general rule, I am, until research and the urge to “just give G+ a quick check” run away with me), I am in fact basically getting nothing done and wasting great reams of time.

Merkah In The Bag

Merkah says, “You best step off, because wasting time is my job. I got that in the bag!”

In short, what this means is that I need to make a rule for myself — and that rule needs to read, “No Computers Before Noon,” or at very least “No Internet Before Noon.”  I have writing and research stuff I need to do, and it would help to be able to do that on a computer because, frankly, I can either write by hand either quickly or legibly, which makes the act of writing desperately inefficient.

Seriously, if your options are “write so slowly that you change sentences mid-stream” or “write quickly and accept the fact that even future achaeologists will never decipher your works, let alone little old you,” there’s basically no point.

I’m not sure that I actually trust myself just to turn off the wifi on my notebook and roll.

Thus, I plan to do something a bit more drastic: when I need to do writing stuff in the morning, I will pull the plug out of our wireless router and attempt to Do Without.

The downside to this plan is that Netflix or Pandora radio keep me company when I’m doing housework, so I will try leaving the plug in until it’s time to work on the computer, then dropping it out.  We’ll see how that goes.

The idea here is to reduce the availability of distractors — mostly, I am willing to admit, so I can win back more time to ride the bike (ha!), but also because applying my hard-won, if meager, organizational skills to cycling has won me some significant gains on the bike, and I am hoping I can extend that approach and become a somewhat more efficient person in general.

This doesn’t mean I am going to continue fighting my own nature.  I am, to an extent, a spontaneous non-planner.  I avoid setting routines in part because once I settle into a routine, I get really, really upset when something disrupts it, in the way that only a high-functioning person with a mild developmental disability can, and that makes me even less productive (astoundingly, this is actually possible).

Anyway, I plan to begin this experiment immediat… okay, tomorrow morning.  I shall report back with results post-haste.

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