So, About That Washcloth Idea…

But first, today’s ride results:
25.5 miles total.
On the return trip, I set two personal records, one on a segment that must be new.

The new one is a .5 mile sprint segment. A fellow I know (a Rogue racer) is in the third spot on that one currently with an average speed of 30.7 MPH. Pretty sweet.

The other one is the bridge heading southbound. I managed to hit the green light at the 90-degree right turn at the bottom of the bridge, so I was able to just crank right on up. I wasn’t going to really try, and started out keeping the pace cool on the climb (13 – 15 MPH), but I found myself gaining speed once I was past the first expansion joint, so I went with it. My efforts averaged out to 18.3 MPH, so still slower than the northbound bridge run, but getting there.

So! On to the bit about my washcloth experiment. Um. On one hand, it worked. I brought a washcloth, used it and a little of the mild, foamy soap in the single-user WC in the library coffee shop, and found that it worked quite nicely. Instead of being a hot, stinky, sweaty mess during class, I was clean and comfortable*.

I remembered to hang my washcloth on my bike to dry.

Unfortunately, I also apparently lost the washcloth somewhere on campus, somehow.

I’m still trying to figure out how I accomplished that. I might have left it draped over my top tube, but I remember stuffing it into a jersey pocket. I suspect what really happened is that I stuffed it in between my tiny backpack and my jersey and it promptly dislodged itself.

In short, I’ll neutralize the field (so to speak) and start over tomorrow with a better plan for washcloth-management. I need to go to the store and pick up a couple of things for the house tonight, so I think I’ll find some plastic clothespins or something. Then I can just clip my washcloth around my top-tube.

I think I will also buy some inexpensive washcloths, so if I lose them it won’t be a big deal. The one I lost today was pretty nice, if a bit worn out (I intentionally took an older one).

The most important news of the day is that a second member of the may-yet-be IUS cycling club volunteered herself today. I stopped by the Free Caffeine booth after class, and as I was situating myself (and trying to figure out what I’d done with my washcloth) a girl walked up and asked, “How long have you been cycling?”

We chatted briefly and I learned that she is a personal trainer (awesome!) who is just getting into cycling. Exciting stuff! We now have three interested students, so we’ll just need to find two more to be able to apply as a student organization!

In other news, my Week Of Living Alone will soon be drawing to an end. Denis will be back from the desert on Monday around 5:00 PM. I will be glad to have him home.

I guess that’s it for today. I will try to remember to take pictures of my washcloth system tomorrow.

Keep the rubber side down!

*Admittedly, the fact that I got confused about the start time for the established campus group ride probably helped in that regard — it turns out it’s at 11:00, so I’m just going to have to stick to long solo rides on T/R for the time being.

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