Aaaaand … We’re Back! (Now With Moar Pikshars!)

This past weekend’s trip to Bethesda, MD for Denis’ birthday and John and David’s wedding was a blast.

From 9/26/13

We loaded up the tandem in the truck on Wednesday and drove down, which became a side-trip in itself. As we entered West Virginia, Denis began sneezing frequently, though not yet constantly.

Wednesday night, we landed at our favorite stop-over hotel, a Best Western, where have friendly, attentive staff, a great waffle bar, and very comfy rooms (someday we may actually even visit Charleston for its own sake!). We may have stayed up just a wee bit late enjoying Battlestar Galactica and each-other’s company.

Thursday morning, we hit the ground early, stuffed an excellent breakfast down our gullets, and rolled out. Immediately, Denis began sneezing his brains out.

We completed the drive to Bethesda without further difficulty, excepting the sneezing fits and the need to stop for a new box of facial tissues. On Thursday, we checked our exhausted behinds into the very-comfortable Bethesda Marriott and proceeded to watch more Battlestar Galactica.

Friday morning, Denis was feeling pretty awful, so we scrubbed our plans to ride the tandem down to meet our friend Ben Folsom for dinner and so forth. Instead, we took a much shorter ride to CVS to pick up some cold medicine, though that ride grew quite a bit longer because I was not familiar with the neighborhood and the roads were like a bowl of spaghetti (very pretty spaghetti, but still!). That ride about did Denis in, so we hung out in the room for most of the rest of the day, though we did take a walk to get dinner at a restaurant a couple buildings away.

On Saturday, Denis woke up in a pool of sweat after sweating out his fever, but was feeling well enough to meet Ben for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Bethesda Center, and afterwards he consented to a quick ride on the Capital Crescent Trail.

Ben Folsom, Asher, and Denis riding the Capital Crescent Trail.

Ben, me, and Denis on the trail (shamelessly stolen from Ben Folsom!).

Ben (left) and me on the Capital Crescent Trail.

Ben (left) and me on the Capital Crescent Trail.

Denis on the Capital Crescent Trail.

Denis on the Capital Crescent Trail.

We had to part ways with Ben after only a couple of miles, but had a great time with him, and Denis felt well enough to continue along the way for a total of 7 miles. After that, we drove back to the hotel, did lunch at Agio (the restaurant in our hotel), then hung out for a little while until it was time for the wedding.

As my clothes get more formal, I get younger.  I am sure there is a law of thermodynamics that explains this.  Also, I need a haircut.

As my clothes get more formal, I get younger. I am sure there is a law of thermodynamics that explains this.
Also, I need a haircut.

I love this color on Denis.

I love this color on Denis.

Denis in his party clothes.

Denis sure does clean up purty :D

The wedding itself was fantastic. We, of course, were all glowy because it reminded us of our own wedding … only there was a lot more dancing at this one! :D Once the DJ got started, I pretty much danced until they shut it down. That was cool. It’s been a while since I had a chance to dance like that.

Tandem in the truck, heading home.

The Tandem heads home (that’s Denis’ elbow, there).

I made it to class to take my exams on Monday. I don’t have grades back yet for my psychology classes, but I got 98 on my Chem lecture exam and 101 on my lab “quiz” (which was more like an exam). I actually enjoyed taking the Chem exam because I was well-prepared for it.

By the time Denis picked me up after lab for dinner with his aunts Cindy and Susan, my throat was starting to be sore. We ate at Roots, an awesome vegetarian recipe, and had a great time. I woke up feeling awful on Tuesday morning, spent the whole day in bed Tuesday and most of the day in bed today, so both Denis and I are now on the mend. He is largely better; I am going to try to hit up my Thursday class tomorrow and see how it goes.

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  1. Finally caught a glimpse of the elusive Denis!

    Happy to hear about your friends, too. :) Best wishes to them.

    • He is as hard to photograph as a wild … something that is hard to photograph :D He doesn’t like how he looks in pictures so he makes faces :P He is a silly man! :D

      Thank you for your wishes for David and John ^-^ They are really lovely people.

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