What To Do When You’re Off The Bike

Today, I finally got back on my feet.

Yesterday I was still definitely feeling under the weather; today, I woke up feeling much more like myself. I didn’t want to push it by hopping right back on the bike quite yet, so I stayed in and did a bunch of stuff around the house.

Denis is away at a funeral, so I had the whole place to myself and no one to look after. This gave me an opportunity to clean the kitchen and the fridge and also to get ahead of the game on making this week’s dinners.

Inside my fridge...

The containers are lunch for tomorrow and dinner for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

If you look in my fridge right now, you might mistake me for an organized person who sort of almost knows what he’s doing*. (There are no fresh veggies because we still haven’t hit the grocery, but I added plenty of frozen veggies to the dinners.)

While Wednesday’s dinner was cooking in the Ninja (which made two of the three dinners), I also whipped up a batch of candied orange peel using this fabulous recipe from badgermom over at Tasty Kitchen.

I seriously did not expect these to be as easy as the recipe made them sound — but I was pleasantly surprised.

Better still, the end product is delicious and looks fantastic, and you also get two great byproducts: orange syrup and orange sugar. It will take me 100 years to use the sugar and syrup (they are delicious, but sweets aren’t my dietary weakness), but it’s cool to have learned how to make them! I shall have to acquire some guests upon which to foist them…

Orange Syrup, Orange Sugar, and Candied Orange Peel

Candied Orange Peel collection, left to right: Orange Syrup, Orange Sugar, Candied Orange Peel

Predictably, The Cat was quite annoyed that I didn’t make anything for him.

Annoyed Merkah Is Annoyed

SRSLY, dude. Don’t you know it’s Caturday? You could at least have made me a tuna sammich.

He was doubly annoyed when I set about whipping up some tuna to eat tomorrow after realizing that I have effectively eaten no protein this weekend. This from a cat who has never eaten anything but kibble and probably doesn’t even know what tuna tastes like!

Anyway, that’s it. I plan to take the Tricross out for a little spin tomorrow, but I ducked out of this week’s Populaire days ago. I am not going to push recovery that hard with Gravel Grovel coming up.


You might also notice, for example, the three bottles of sparkling wine in the back, or the five or so bottles of booze on the left.

This is not because we are inveterate drinkers; quite the opposite. Since neither Denis nor I can drink worth a darn, our fridge is where alcohol goes to die. The three bottles of sparkling wine are left over from our Louisville wedding reception. We had a few more; whenever we have dinner guests, we ply them with bubbly in hopes of someday re-taking the space in the back of our fridge.

As for the rest … it predates my tenure here, and I have no idea when or if we will ever rid ourselves of it, but it’s handy to have around for flavoring dessert sauces and so forth.

Le sigh.

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