Frack: The Weather.

Once upon a time I lived in The North.

In The North, it was cold in the winter — but I seem to recall that it more or less got cold (fairly gradually) and stayed that way.

That pattern allowed us all to acclimate (some more so than others, I suppose).

Flash forward to now.

Where’s the farm, weather peoples? I seriously think maybe the Polar Vortex should see somebody about its mood swings. Seriously. If I can bring myself to Admit That I Have A Problem, so can the Polar Vortex. It should also think about cutting back on the caffeine. I get that it’s doing what it usually does — it’s just doing it times 1,000, like I do with my school work when I have way the frack too much caffeine.

The high today was 50F. At 1 AM. The high tomorrow? 16F. The human body was not built for these wild swings in temperature. Also, I have not yet repaired my winter cycling tights.

Kvetching about the weather is becoming a theme, here. To be honest, I feel like that’s about all I do these days. I kvetch about the weather and sometimes I run on the treadmill (not tonight, because I got home too late and then had to shovel food into my face before doing more homework). I kinda-sorta ride the bike, sometimes. My respiratory system has mostly recovered now. I don’t bother trying to be fast. Instead, I kvetch along at the rate of 177,000 kvetches per hour. My ire at the state of the weather keeps me moving forward.

On the upside, I have discovered that Isotoner makes amazing mittens. My Mom gave me a pair when we were visiting, and I’ve been riding with them. I think I’ve mentioned that they are very much compatible with the brakes and shifters on the Karakoram; they also do a crack job keeping the cold at bay. I did use liners today, but I’m not sure I really needed them.

My Big Giant Phone should arrive tomorrow, but if I’m not too busy geeking out over it, I’ll get my run on. I suspect that will improve my mood which — all humor aside — is not actually great tonight. I am totally in that “I have nothing to cry about, and nothing to be sad about, so I am going to totally find something to be upset about and cry at Hallmark ads” place.

I mean — not, like, actively trying to find something to be upset about. My mind is kind of doing that on its own, and I have found that attempting to steer it when it goes there just encourages it. It’s all like, “Oh, goody! Someone’s paying attention to my woes! Here, have a big ol’ helping of stress!” Writing helps; prayer helps. Riding the bike normally helps, but I’m not doing so much of that yet.

In other news, I think today’s presentation in P-199 (“Career Planning for Psychology Majors”) went well, and I somehow amazingly managed to bang out all the homework I left until the last minute last night and this morning. I am looking forward to pausing and taking a breath on Wednesday, and I am looking forward to completing P-199. It’s a one-hour class that takes all of six weeks, so we have only three classes left. I’m actually enjoying the class, but it’ll be nice to have one less thing on my plate.

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